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Black/Ivory Yin & Yang All Weather Bangles® (AWB®)

Black/Ivory Yin & Yang All Weather Bangles® (AWB®)

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Yin embodies femininity, vibrant hues, and the receptive, while Yang represents masculinity, purity, and the assertive. The interplay between Yin and Yang upholds universal balance, influencing all aspects of existence.

Crafted in Thailand by skilled artisans, our set of two Black & Ivory Yin Yang bangles blend brightness and serenity. Adorned with our exclusive Universe bead, crafted from gold-plated brass with a clear faceted crystal, these bangles are not only waterproof, soundless, and weightless but also TSA Proof—ensuring peace of mind during travel.

Each Black/Ivory Yin and Yang All Weather Bangle® is a testament to craftsmanship and care, meticulously handcrafted by a team of over 20 artisans. Each bangle is a unique labor of love, reflecting the dedication of its creators.

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause. Breathe. Slip on your Black/Ivory Yin Yang bangles knowing that there are always two sides to situations, points of view, and outcomes. Remember always that balance is the best approach.

Care Instructions:

Avoid insect repellants, self-tanning sprays, or sunscreens directly on All Weather Bangles as they may cause discoloration.

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