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BuDhaGirl's Chamonix wrist stack

BuDhaGirl's Chamonix wrist stack

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BuDhaGirl's Chamonix wrist stack is a must-have for wristscape enthusiasts. This set features five exquisite natural stone bead bracelets, carefully curated to create a stunning ombré effect that allows for versatile mixing and matching.

Available in four captivating colors: Black, Coco, Gardenia and Peony.

Each Chamonix 5 Bracelet Set comes elegantly packaged in our custom BuDhaGirl Silk All Weather Bangles box, enhancing the experience of your purchase.

The allure of these bracelets extends beyond their aesthetic appeal. Most of the bracelets in the set are adorned with charming gold motifs such as evil eyes for protection, clovers for luck, and bees symbolizing diligence. These motifs serve as gentle reminders of values that hold significance in our daily lives. Inspired by the picturesque city of Chamonix in the French Alps, known for its majestic Mont Blanc, the Chamonix bracelet stack embodies a blend of beauty, meaning, and style.

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause. Breathe. Choose each single Chamonix bracelet and give it an intention for the day. The light beads will signify the lesser musts and the darker beads will signify the absolute musts.

Thought: "With a little luck, some charm and the right mindset, you can move mountains." T. Shelmire 

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