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Three Queens All Weather Bangles® (AWB®) - White Pearl

Three Queens All Weather Bangles® (AWB®) - White Pearl

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In honor of the incredible, remarkable, wise, and ever-patient mothers worldwide, BuDhaGirl proudly presents our beautiful White Pearl Three Queens All Weather Bangles® set.

We carefully selected delicate, snowy-white pearls and encased them in our exquisite crystal-clear™ flexible polymer tubing. Adding a touch of elegance, each bracelet features our stunning Lotus bead in yellow gold symbolizing the sun, white gold symbolizing the moon, and rose gold symbolizing dawn.

Handcrafted in Thailand exclusively for BuDhaGirl.

Throughout history, pearls have captivated women from every corner of the globe. Their enchanting allure extends beyond their ethereal beauty to the rich stories they embody.

Pearls are a symbol of purity, wisdom, and inner beauty, encapsulating the essence of femininity and grace.

Care Instructions:

Avoid insect repellants, self-tanning sprays, or sunscreens directly on All Weather Bangles as they may cause discoloration.

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